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Having a day to visit the best of places in Leeds is not apt at all. You should at least have a week in your hand to tour around 50% of the city’s historical abundance, shopping streets, nightlife and surrounding areas.

However, even if you have a day, it can be completely utilized if only you plan according to the instructions mentioned in this article.

 One-Day Itinerary in Leeds

This one-day itinerary can be divided into three parts – Morning Schedule, Afternoon Schedule, Evening Schedule. Let’s start with each of them and discuss where to go, what to eat, etc.


Morning is the crucial time of every traveller. In the morning, you require to freshen up, eat and get charged for the rest of the day. Therefore, one thing that makes the most important task is finding a good restaurant to get the required calorie to fuel the day ahead.

So, in the morning, the first thing you should do is – visit high recommended breakfast cafes to spoil your tongue. One of the most recommended of all is Layne’s Espresso.

There onwards, you can visit City Library, Town Hall and Village Bookstore. You will be awestruck by the ornate architecture of these old and intriguing shops. Also, if you are a shopping freak, then you shouldn’t miss shopping centres at Victoria Gate. Other places to add in the bucket list are Leeds Owl Trail, Tall Boys Beer Market, 3 Thorton’s Arcades, and 17 Thorton’s Arcade.


While completing the morning schedule, it will be afternoon already. Therefore, you should next head to Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen for a relaxed surrounding and delicious lunch.

You can order loaded fries, Burgers, and Dough Boys Pizza along with frozen cocktails. However, this ecstasy can be best enjoyed on the rooftop terrace.

Once you are done with your lunch and enjoying surroundings from the rooftop, you should start your itinerary again and head towards Kirkstall Abbey for fresh air, peace and tranquility.


As the dusk falls, the night starts. It is better to have your dinner and then head for the nightlife of Leeds. The city has best and affordable restaurants around the City Centre area.

Some of the famous places are –

  • Sukhothai
  • The Oxford Place
  • Eat Your Greens
  • Gaucho Leeds
  • Tharavadu Restaurant

The list is vast. Therefore, you should go by the popular recommendations of travellers and food bloggers. The popular recommendation is – Bundobust Leeds.

This place is famous for its craft beers and South Indian cuisines. You can get best dining options starting from only £60.

As your tummy is full for the day, don’t waste even a few second and straightly head towards best bars of the city to commemorate the end of the trip. You can choose to visit Shopkeepers, a renowned bar in Leeds among 6Mill Hill, Headrow House, 29 Cookridge St, 107 Water Ln, Parkside Tavern, Bramleys Yard, 19 The Headrow, The Cross Keys, and Saint Johns House.

 The Closure

With this, you will be too tired to go anywhere. In the end, just head towards you hotel and shrug to sleep. At such nice place, you can enjoy fully with companionship of escort Leeds.

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