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As a great connoisseur of human weaknesses that they are, Escorts Leeds know that each man, when it comes time to enjoy, may want something that other men may sound strange. For example: that he and the woman exchange roles. In other words, let it be the girl who penetrates the man and not the other way around.

What for many men may seem like an insurmountable taboo (being anally penetrated), for others it is a highly dreamed and requested intimacy practice, as long as the person performing the penetration is female?

What most of the man needs from an escort?

Among the fantasies that a client can ask Escorts is that she turns him, in some way. To do this, the escort puts on a harness and, armed with a dildo or vibrator, penetrates her client anally. Said in silver: she fucks him in the ass with what is known in the erotic world as a strap-on.

Here, fantasy intersects, as in many cases, with fetishism, the client tends to see himself as some kind of baby. Sometimes they just suck the breasts of the escort girl, who takes on the role of a nursing Madonna. In others, clients even request that they be able to wear diapers and that the girl they have hired changes them. This fetishism has a name: analcites. In a way, what the client of a luxury escort is asking for by asking for this is to return, symbolically, to childhood. Enjoy each and every moment with her not in your imagination but in real only with the help of Escorts Leeds.

Another Escorts Leeds most valued by clients and, therefore, something that is part of the list of things that clients usually ask of an escort, is natural romance. The best professionals in the field of erotic accompaniment know how to put themselves in the shoes of their client and have enough skills to make these fantasies come true. But one must never lose sight of a capital rule: and it is that however exciting his fantasy is for a client and however urgent it may seem for him to make it come true, said client must always keep in mind that the escort with whom he is has been cited is not required at any time to do anything, absolutely nothing, that you do not want to do.

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