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Within a city majorly known as the mania of soccer, a city known for its high spirits, populace, frenzy and the unending ruckus and disruption, there’s a point when you feel inclined to the art and heritage attached to this amazing city of Manchester. The music which make you helpless and you end up getting left with no other choice than tapping your feet and groove endlessly, a city which is the face of the English dance and also the one who homes the British Boyband. It is a city from where the best in class brands; from Marks & Spencer to Rolls Royce saw the light of the day.

With an amazing aura of perfection, commotion, brightness and elegance, the city of Manchester has served as a pudding to be served hot which relishes one’s heart and soul and satisfies his eyes as well. The city of Manchester, placed in the heart of England has the ample of art galleries on its streets which prove to be jewel in crown of the amazing city. However we would like to put forward an advice to you that prefer visiting Manchester with a companion. But if you don’t have a partner by your side, you can look up to beautiful Manchester escorts, as they too are looking up to you. We have compiled some of the best galleries in the city of Manchester. Take a look. Enjoy.

Salford Art Museum

Salford is located on Peel Park, Crescent, and it showcases the amazing past of British architecture and English art. This gallery depicts the glorious gone by era of Victorian art, that too served with the street plays of life-size, interactive nineteenth century.

Whitworth Gallery

From the outstanding collection of Cornelia Parker to the exotic collection of Sarah Lucas ‘Tits In Space’ has everything in this gallery and it is almost hard to believe and breathtakingly beautiful. It shows some of the most extravagant works in history like Van Gogh’s The Fortification of Paris with Houses, Picasso’s Poverty and Gauguin’s Tahitian Landscape.  This art gallery clearly establishes its extreme uniqueness in terms of the collection. It’s situated on Oxford Road.

Richard Goodall Gallery

Showing an array of the modern and non mainstream works of fine, rock posters and designer urban vinyl, Richard Goodall is a beautiful destination to visit and check out. Visit this gallery to witness pertinent classic movie posters and album covers. It is situated on Thomas Street.

Art is that unique and intriguing gift of god. And this gift is enjoyed the most with a companion of similar tastes. A companion who can easily match up to the artist inside you, a companion who identify your lust for art and the one who shares the common level of interest for the same. To put your arms the shoulder of one such companion during your voyage to these art galleries, contact Ashley Escorts in  Manchester which is a renowned escort service provider of Manchester. So put your step into Manchester and let the world know about the artist inside you.

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